"I truly believe our bodies were made + created with such intelligence to thrive and run properly on their own. If we can identify our internal and external stressors, reveal those healing opportunities, and support our body back to balance - then we can truly thrive." - Stephanie Peters

Hey, you!

I’m Stephanie, I’m so glad you’re here.

After working in the pharmaceutical field for over 9 years and struggling with my own health issues for over 14 years – I finally left to pursue functional nutrition. Working behind the scenes in the hospital and on the retail side – it really helped open my eyes to how western medicine focused only on masking my symptoms + struggles by only prescribing more medications. I got to my breaking point and started doing my own research.

As I pursued functional lab testing and nutritional healing, I was able to heal my body by figuring out the underlining problems. I gained a whole new understanding for my body and how it was designed to work. A passion rose up inside of me to help others overcome their own health challenges too. I know the pain that comes with being thrown around from doctor to doctor and running labs that keep coming back “normal” but still feeling completely sick and misunderstood. It is not a journey I would wish on anyone. As painful as it was, I am so grateful it has brought me to where I am now.

As a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, I hope to guide you through understanding the root cause to your symptoms just like I did with mine. Using cutting-edge functional lab testing and analysis, I will help you uncover the hidden imbalances to WHY you could be feeling the way you are and create a personalized healing protocol just for you.

As a practitioner, my goal is to listen to you, believe in you, respect you, validate your symptoms, give you options, educate you, empower you, guide you, support you, and help you get to your root cause for your own journey of healing.

Want to learn more about my story and what I discovered over the years?