My Story

Meet Stephanie

a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, boy mama, wifey, music fanatic, entrepreneur, educator, and encourager.

I work with men and women across the country in my one on one coaching program to help them identify their root causes to their chronic and debilitating symptoms. The main root causes are often things like mold, bacteria, parasites, viruses, toxins/chemicals, and heavy metals.

My hope for each client I get to work with is to support, educate, mentor, inspire, motivate, and keep them accountable in their journey. I really hope to be able to do that with you as well, not only guide you through this process but also give you the opportunity to get your body back to balance and heal from your chronic symptoms.


Growing up, I always struggled with allergy issues and period problems. Actually I did all my life really. I was just a toddler when I had my first anaphylaxis trip to the ER. Growing up on the farm, I was allergic to everything. I couldn’t help my dad with chores before having to go inside, lay on the couch, and take a Benadryl. It felt like I was always on antihistamines. Periods were absolutely terrible to me from the the beginning. I went from doctor after doctor asking if there was anything we could do. I remember the doctor looking me straight in the eyes and saying, “If you want to experience painful periods, birth control is the only answer.” I ended up on birth control from the beginning all the way until I was newly married.

As an adult, I had anaphylaxis a few times by now, got allergy tested (there goes $4,000 down the drain) and I kept feeling like a lost case. We didn’t know what caused them or why. I went to two different allergist and got the same explanation: you need to be on antihistamines for the rest of your life.

I couldn’t find a doctor who would take my period problems seriously. All they did was recommend birth control, told me i would have trouble achieving pregnancy, and would probably need an early hysterectomy. My menstrual cycles were not just painful, they left me completely unable to function. I would miss school every month, end up on the floor of my bathroom in pain, vomiting, and chills like I had the flu. I even ended up in the ER once because I thought I was having appendicitis. Nope, just more cysts.


I dealt with more allergy flare-ups, another round of allergy tests, and chronically taking antihistamines. My hormones ended up being terribly unbalanced and it took over 2 years to lose the pregnancy weight and finally feel like myself again. I developed deep post-partum depression and was finally diagnosed with PCOS and put on multiple medications to help. No resolution.


Another ER trip for anaphylaxis, more allergy testing and developed chronic hives out of no where. I was told it was “idiopathic” which meant there was no cause, I didn’t believe that. At this point I was desperate for relief that I was on 7 antihistamines a day, tried the Xolair shot route (holy expensive!), and a ton of blood work.

I was also diagnosed with Endometriosis and got the excision surgery, however the problems came back with a vengeance. I struggled with severe post-partum depression again, even more weight gain, and chronic fatigue. I never wanted to leave my bed, let alone my house.

Enough was enough. I finally advocated for myself because I knew in my heart there had to be a reason I had chronic hives and my period pain came back within 8 months of having surgery. I couldn’t just agree that hives just happen for no reason at all, and I believed there had to be such a thing as a pain free period. I just had to.

I went deep into research. I mean deep, but truly it was more like obsessive. I finally gave up on the doctors who thought i was crazy or said my “test results were normal”, and even on some naturopaths that just ended up throwing supplements at me in the end too. Still no underlining reason or relief.

I found a functional practitioner and after running a few labs, I found out it wasn’t just in my head. I wasn’t crazy!

I was having period problems for all of those years because of so many unbalanced hormones like estrogen dominance and a deficiency in progesterone causing lots of heavy and painful cycles. My DHEA and cortisol levels were completely exhausted causing extreme fatigue. I was eating 2 foods I was highly allergic to. My gut had both gut pathogens and infections, and major dybiosis going on. I also had an overgrowth of unhealthy bacteria that was causing major bloating and constipation. I had a “leaky gut” from eating inflammatory foods and over worked adrenals from the stress inside my body. The list of health issues uncovered was quite overwhelming at first but within a 2 weeks of adding in some changes, I finally began feeling like myself again.

It’s taken months of consistency and dedication but I can finally say I no longer have detrimental period pains. My periods are short, light, and I hardly know they’re coming. I no longer have ovulation pain and I can’t remember the last cyst I’ve ever felt pop. I have started to slowly loose the postpartum weight, feel like I can handle stress appropriately, my mood has lifted, and my libido is coming back to normal.

I am no longer am on 7 antihistamines, a Xolair shot, or struggle with chronic hives. I no longer feel stuffed up 24/7 and swollen from edema.

I am no longer so fatigued that I don’t want to leave my house but instead able to keep up with my two busy boys and give them the care they need. I am no longer constipated, bloated, or struggling with digestion symptoms but instead I’m regular + finding what foods work best for my bio-individuality. I can FINALLY say I am feeling like a human being again, yet alone a happy wife and mom.

Since watching my own journey unfold before me, I am both happy and sad. Sad that I have had to endure years of pain and frustration to get to where I am today, however happy that because of my journey I can now help others who have suffered in the same way I have.

I am passionate about helping other women who are in the same struggle as I was whether that’s hormone imbalances, digestion issues, thyroid dysfunction, or even chronic hives.

My goal is to listen to them, to educate them, to empower them, and to encourage them. To help balance their hormones, to help heal their gut, to help restore their metabolism, and to most of all help them thrive and live the way God intended them to.

My Goal Is To

Get You From Feeling

fatigued every single day and self medicating with caffeine more than you should
feeling moody, exhausted, anxious, irritable, and unmotivated
having TERRIBLE periods that leave you bedridden, skipping school or work, doubled down on the floor in pain, heavy long flows, and irregular or crampy
bloated, constipated, acid reflux, and wicked GI discomfort
those diet fads that leave you exhausted, hungry, and starving your body
struggling with allergy issues that lead you to get $3,000 shots every month, anaphylaxis episode, chronic hives itching day in and day out
not understanding WHY your doctor says your labs are normal but you still feel like garbage

To feeling…

all day energy with no afternoon crashes or the need for caffeine to operate
THRIVING, full of energy, joyful, and the patient person you were meant to be
having regular, pain-free, light + dependable periods
having a healthy balanced gut and getting your bowel movements regular and actually enjoyable
focus on nourishing your body with pro metabolic foods that not only fuel your body but leave you full and sustainable
no longer depending on allergy medications, healing your skin from hives, and actually having healthy vibrant skin again
finally understanding the root cause or reason to your frustration and health issues for so long. Showing up as who you were made to be!

I'd love to help you get started today!

Send me a message and let's set up a call.

I know how hard it can do this all by yourself with friends, family members, or even doctor’s who think you’re crazy. Let me stand in your corner and encourage, support, and guide you along this journey! We’re in this together.