What is FDN?


FDN Stands for Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

My goal as your FDN Practitioner is to give you all the tools you need to learn HOW to be and live healthy on your own. To empower you to take responsibility and prioritize your health. To use functional lab tests to help you identify those opportunities that need healing in your body. To use a holistic protocol to help get your body back on track to homeostasis.

Throughout your healing journey, I will be more like a health detective and mentor and less like a doctor. I do not diagnose or treat anything specifically. I don’t manage or treat just your symptoms, instead I work in a very non-specific manner. I treat the whole body and try to address those underlining causes for your symptoms.

If you’re committed to finding those hidden stressors, removing sources of chronic stress, and restoring your body to normal function, please read on!
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How To

Get Started

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1. Book Qualifying Call

The first step will be to go to the Contact Me tab, complete the questionnaire, and book a qualifying call. This gives me an opportunity to see what specific areas you’re struggling in and give a glimpse into what kind of function lab tests and healing opportunities might be needed for you specifically. This also helps determine your commitment level on healing your body. I also provide these qualifying calls to help you better understand what I do, how I work, and helps us verify that we will be a good fit for each other.

2. Onboarding Session + Complete Intake Forms

The first step will be our discovery session where we will be discussing the benefits of the coaching relationship, your health history and goals, as well as review your intake questionnaire. This all helps us form an individualized plan for your unique needs.

After our discovery call, I will send you two comprehensive intake forms to fill out and a 3-day food and symptom journal. As an FDN-P, I use those forms to form clinical correlation between your symptoms, health history, and future test results. These forms help me get the total picture of your story.

3. Order Tests + Send Tests To The Lab

Around this time, you will have your lab kits drop shipped directly to your door. You will complete them as it is convenient for your schedule and ship them back to the lab. Then we will wait for test results to come back. Each test kit has a different window for results to come back, but on average I like the client to expect up to 3 weeks for all lab results to arrive.

4. Results + Recommendations Session

Once the test results have arrived, we will schedule a 90 Results & Recommendation session. Results will be e-mailed to you within 48 hours of this session. Your R&R session will include a very detailed lab analysis explaining what each marker and test means. I also correlate symptoms with the lab results to make more sense to the client. I end with a comprehensive 90-day diet and lifestyle protocol. (Supplements will be offered to you at discounted rates if you purchased a one on one coaching package.)

5. Follow-Ups

Several 35 min follow-up sessions will be booked bi-weekly for the next 3-6 months, depending on your package. These sessions are intended to help track progress, troubleshoot or course correct if we need to, and provide you with any guidance through your journey.

It is often the case that follow-up testing is recommended in order to track progress, or in light of concerning clues that may come up along the way. Additional lab that were ordered will also need reviews. Those are offered to existing clients at a discounted rate for for $75/lab. Client pays lab fee directly to the lab.