Lab Testing

Why Functional Lab Testing?

Functional lab testing can help you get to the Root Cause of the symptoms going on inside your body.

Discovering functional lab testing changed my health in so many ways. I used to struggle with extremely painful menstrual cycles, crippling fatigue, chronic hives, no libido, and all my lab testing from my doctor kept coming back as…. “normal”. Let me just say this – I did not feel like everything was normal and fine.

I knew deep down there had to be something more, there had to be answers. That’s when I decided to research and look deeper for myself. I turned to naturopaths, functional medicine doctors, and then eventually holistic functional lab testing landed in my lap. I didn’t just go through the process for myself, I jumped ALL the way in and ended up going straight to school right away.

I finally had all the test results and answers in my hands and I uncovered soo many hidden stressors in my body that were keeping me from feeling better and healing.

I’ve been using these same lab tests on my clients with one on one coaching. It has helped numerous clients feel reassured that they’re not crazy, that there IS an underlining cause of how they feel. As a practitioner, I promise to make your feelings valid and advocate you and your health situation. Your body was created to run efficiently and you were not made to just ‘deal with it because it’s “normal”’.

Let me explain more below about what functional lab tests I run and how they may help YOU find answers


This Gut Health test is the most advanced DNA based stool test that gives us a complete insight into your digestion and gastrointestinal function. The gut plays a VITAL role in our health whether that’s digestive, immune, metabolic, or neuroendocrine. The GI Map includes testing for pathogens/parasites, worms, viruses, and fungi/yeast. It also shows us markers on liver function, digestion, leaky gut, gluten sensitivity, immune system function, inflammation, and more. The accuracy of this test really allows practitioners to create a very personalized treatment protocol to address those healing opportunities based on the results we get and correlate them with your symptoms.

Everybody can benefit from a GI-map health assessment but if you struggle with any of the following, this test is for you:

-Digestive complaints, diarrhea or constipation
-Brain fog
-Skin problems, like acne, psoriasis or hives
-Mood disorders like depression and anxiety
-Autoimmune diseases
-Hormone imbalances
-Diabetes or weight loss issues

The Dutch Plus

This hormone test stands for Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones. This is an in-depth test that measures sex and adrenal hormones alone with their metabolites. In addition it measures your Cortisol Awakening Response (CAR) and measuring this rise or fall of cortisol is used as a “mini stress test”. It also tests for melatonin and a few organic acid markers. This test really gives us a big look at our hormones and what imbalances could be going on in the body.

Dutch Hormone Panels are really helpful for women, but also for men too! Especially if you’re struggling with…
-Irregular, painful, or non-existent menstrual cycles
-Endometriosis, PCOS, PMDD, etc.
– Acne or migraines
– Weight loss or weight gain
– Hair loss
– Lots of stress, anxiety, depression
– Sleep issues like insomnia/fatigue

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

HTMA tests give us insight into nutritional deficiencies, thyroid + metabolic health as well as nervous system balance. It displays macro and micro mineral levels, toxic metal levels and how well our body is able to detox them. Minerals are essential but same with hormones, you want them balanced and not too many or not enough. This is a non-invasive hair biopsy that gives so much insight.

HTMA testing is great for looking into your hormone health but also thyroid, metabolic function, nervous system balance, nutrient deficiencies, and more.

This is truly helpful for everyone (kids and adults!), but especially if you’re struggling with:
– Hormonal issues
– Metabolism issues (fast or slow)
– Thyroid dysfunction
– Inflammation
–  Energy levels
– Mental health issues
-Blood sugar imbalance or diabetes
– Possibility of heavy metal toxicity

Other Tests I Run:

Other lab testings I can run:
-MRT Food Sensitivity Test
– Full Thyroid Panel
– Blood Chemistry
– Organic Acids Testing
– Wheat Zoomer Testing
– Mycotoxins (for mold exposure)
– SIBO testing

**Remember lab fees are separate from practitioner fees,
and depending on the lab are paid directly to the lab.
I do not handle insurance, but you are welcome to submit your bills for
reimbursement. HSA’s are able to be used for lab tests.

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